Social Media: It’s Time To Get Personal

Bruce Martin

‘Personalisation’ is one of this years’ buzz words in the world of marketing.
But what IS Personalisation and how can you use social media to provide a more personal approach to marketing?

Personalisation is nothing new, for year's brands have been trying to deliver the right kind of marketing to the right kind of people.  However, in 2014 we can see more and more personalised marketing taking place from a simple name on a Coke can to highly-targeted online advertisements. Why personalise? Consumers have an emotional desire to be seen as unique personalities and to receive a stamp-of-approval for the choices they make.  Smart businesses are learning how to deliver relevant messaging at every stage of the customer journey. Social media marketing influences all parts of today’s customer journey.  It creates desire early on and removes doubt at the purchasing stage.

Here are 3 key ways to use the power of personalise in social media:

Social Logins

Social logins are everywhere e.g. register by Facebook, login via LinkedIn etc..   Consumers are increasingly happy to use these forms of login to access information.  A recent study by Janrain in 2014 reported that, where available, retail consumers are happy to login via Facebook 60% of the time. By asking people to sign up through Facebook, you are effectively saying ‘can we use all the data we can find to give you a more personal experience?’ It’s a classic privacy vs. convenience trade-off.
Social logins may be convenient for users, but they are gold dust to you.  Social logins can provide you with a wealth of data including sentiment, preferences, demographics, age & influence in ways that no other data source can.  Social signals give you real-time insight into a customer’s context and needs.

Precise Advertising

All the main social media platforms now offer much improve advertising platforms.  Facebook, in particular, has some extremely powerful user-targeting abilities.  Facebook has for some time enable you to target your own database via its Custom Audience function. 

More recently, Facebook has rolled out an impressive re-targeting function – meaning you can display Facebook ads to only those users that have visited your website, or even… specific pages on your website.  Check out their ‘Lookalike Audience’ feature too.

Twitter too, enables businesses to drill-down to display promoted messages to very specific users types based on shared interests, location & gender.

Listen more
Finally, it pays to remember that social media is all about being, well… social.  Organisations often make the mistake of treating social media as yet another broadcast media.  Social media enables you to engage directly with your customers in a way no other medium can. 

Social logins and advanced advertising are great, but they can never beat a genuine conversation between you and your customer. 

So think less about B2C & B2B – think H2H, human-to-human.  Listen more to conversations, engage with people.  Use social media to enhance your brands’ customer experience.  

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